If you choose to sell the estate to Kambourian, the hourly fee for our estate appraisal services will be fully refunded.
Working with various experts, such as lawyers, insurance companies, tax authorities, and appraisers, is a given if you are the representative handling an estate's administrative duties. Kambourian provides estate services that can benefit both you and the estate's heirs. The value of various assets, including jewelry, coin collections, and heirlooms, will be necessary to the court and the heirs.

Our area of expertise is liquidating and settling estates. All estate-related requests, including those from personal representatives, estate lawyers, and heirs, are welcome. We are happy to visit the home, a bank, a lawyer's office, or any other location to assess the estate. We recognize that this can be a difficult emotional time, and estate services that offer an unbiased professional assessment can help everyone involved. We are pleased to provide a thorough appraisal that satisfies all legal specifications for estate liquidation documentation and estate tax purposes. Our evaluation includes an equitable division of assets between heirs, removing any conflict of equal values about dividing numismatic coins, diamonds, gold bullion, and jewelry. Stop in today Kambourian's private offices are located at 2501 Monument Ave. Richmond, VA 23220, on the second floor of the Branch Museum of Architecture. Or click here to set an appointment for a free consultation.