Whats the best way to sell a coin collection?

Selling an inherited coin collection is complicated if you are trying to do it on your own. Because you did not collect the coins yourself, it's hard to understand the value. "The internet knows all." however you are finding that prices are all over the place. The reality is a google search is the most inaccurate way to price a coin, much less an entire coin collection. Why? Because individuals selling coins are free to price a penny for $50,0000, even if the penny is worth $1.25 in the Red Book. Even worse, you may find an individual selling a $10,000 coin for $30. In both cases, the seller has lost the opportunity to make money. The overpriced coin never sells, which results in no transaction at all, and the underpriced coin sells for a significant loss immediately, costing the seller thousands. In addition, most coin dealers charge $175 per hour to evaluate a coin collection. Leaving the consumer stuck selling to the dealer or paying a hefty bill.

If you need help, we will price your coin collection at no charge. Then, we will show you the total value using reference guides and books. We base our offer on the full value of the collection. We do not charge for the evaluation; we put our offer in writing and honor it when our customer comes back. We are easy to deal with and believe price transparency makes the deal so much easier for both buyers and sellers.