Free in home coin and jewelry appraisals for collections to big to transport. If you need help evaluation and selling your coin collection schedule an in house appointment below using the link.


What are the benefits of using our In-Home Coin and Jewelry Appraisal Service? Instead of putting your coin collection and jewelry in boxes and driving to us and unloading your coin collection and jewelry in our parking lot and hauling it inside to be appraised, you can have a professional numismatist and jewelry appraiser come to your home and get a free valuation on your collection! You read that right; our service is completely free of charge. As part of our coin and jewelry appraisal process, we provide free services like making a site visit to your property to provide a no-obligation valuation and offer. We put all of our offers in writing and allow you to shop around and see if anyone will beat our cash offer. After you are finished shopping around, we will honor our quote. 


What Kambourian Does Differently Than Other Buyers


Showing your collection to a potential buyer could result in a fee being assessed by the vast majority of establishments. Suppose you have a coin hoard, or extensive jewelry collection, that you feel you need more time to move. In that case, almost every buyer will charge you an hourly traveling fee for evaluations and deduct those fees from their offer once the work is complete. Most dealers will not explain to the seller how they arrived at the offer they made. They say this is what your collection is worth to me. Do you want to sell the collection today? If you refuse their offer, you must pay for their time and service. 


The Kambourian Group Process is as Follows.


  • We have an over-the-phone consultation 
  • We email you an organization checklist
  • We set a date to travel to your home, office, bank, attorneys office or designated place.
  • We evaluate your coins and or jewelry collection
  • Show you the full value and how we determined the value of the collection
  • And we make you an offer that is payable on the spot. 
  • If you should decide to keep your collection and shop for a better price we will put our offer in writing and honor it when you are done checking around for a better offer. 
  • Lastly, there is no charge for our time or valuations of your coin collection and jewelry.


Appraisals for insurance or probate are not included in the no-cost in-home consultations, but we offer those services separately. (Get in touch if you need clarification.) No forethought is required in terms of how you need to organize your coin collection. If you inherited a collection we will give you instructions on the best way to pack and store your collection and we will organize the collection as we evaluate each coin preparing our offer. The collection's worth could go down if the appraiser has to spend too much time handling, sorting, and classifying it. Put it back the way it was and we'll handle the cleanup. Perhaps not all of your coins are necessary for us to see. The answer to this question depends on the sort of coin being valued. Since some coin types do not feature any out-of-the-ordinary dates, they can be handled in bulk with minimal delay. However, this does not mean we are careless or dismissive of your coins; we always handle coins with potentially rare dates in a distinct batch. Your coin collection will be compensated for immediately. The most notable benefit of our At-Home Coin Appraisal service is that after you accept our offer, we immediately pay you on the spot. No more worrying about getting paid by a dealer you found online 500+ miles away. 




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