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Selling Inherited Jewelry, Diamonds, and Coins

If you are selling inherited jewelry or an inherited coin collection and you don't know where to start, follow these easy steps to gain a complete understanding of what your gold and platinum jewelry is worth. Moreover, what makes your coins valuable, and how much you can expect to get paid when it's time to sell.


Understanding the Full Value Before You Sell


Selling jewelry and coins for cash on the spot can be rewarding, provided you have a complete understanding of what the total value of your diamonds, coins, and gold jewelry is worth. At this point in the selling process is where people constantly get frustrated. They walk into a jewelry store or coin shop where the buyer has no incentive to disclose the total value to the seller up front. The retail buyer has significant overhead to pay, including rent, insurance, employees, debt to vendors, financed inventory, etc. all of these elements factor into the ability to pay. We encourage sellers to allow us to make the first offer. We disclose the full value of your jewelry, diamonds, and coins up front. We do complete testing, price verification via third party reference books and trading platforms. And we do all of the work in exchange for the opportunity to buy. We disclose our profit margins and we encourage our customers to shop around for the best possible price. More importantly we honor our quotes when you come back. 


How to Figure out The Full Value of Gold, Platinum, and Coins


The easiest way to figure out the total price is coming to our offices located at 2501 Monument Ave Richmond, Va 23220. We will show you the total value using third-party reference books. Our buying practices are based on full disclosure of market pricing, complete transparency down to our profit margins which range from 20% on weaker goods to 5% for premium goods. If you would like to figure out the total value of your coin collection on your own, you are welcome to use our pricing guides at no charge. If you want to figure out the full value of gold, silver, and platinum, click here for instructions. 


How We Can Help


We are interested in buying your gold, platinum, silver, and designer jewelry. We are also investors in Numismatic Coins, Silver Bullion, Gold Bullion, and Platinum Bullion. We are delighted to evaluate your collections at no charge! We are interested in giving you our quote in writing. We encourage our customers to shop our offer with other jewelers and coin dealers. And most important of all, we honor our quotes when you come back. By operating with complete transparency, our customers feel comfortable selling. We want customers to profit; the volume of future transactions is driven by how well our customers have done in the past. Read the scientific approach to a profitable transaction here.