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If you are not interested in having an estate sale, Kambourian's has the cash on hand to buy your entire estate, including house, rental properties, jewelry, rugs, furniture, etc. We can make an equitable division of assets and split payments among family members. We are experienced buyers, and we operate with complete transparency. We show our clients the total value of their estate on an itemized spreadsheet, and we pay upfront 80-90% of the total value. We don't make promises based on a long, drawn-out sale that leaves half of your estate unsettled. Our reputation speaks for itself. We are aggressive buyers who believe that showing our clients our profit margins is essential to having peace of mind knowing that they did not settle for less. There are no unknowns, and no detail will be left out. We are so confident in our offers that we will put them in writing and give you time to shop around. We will also honor all quotes when you come back.

Selling Real Estate

Selling an inherited house or commercial property is a bit overwhelming; if you are not sure what your inherited property is worth, we will tell you for free. We will go out and look the property over and give you a cash offer to shop around. We are not the fly by night out of town "We buy unsightly houses" kind of business; we are not interested in making a lopsided deal using high-pressure tactics pushing the client into making a bad agreement. Our profit margins will be disclosed, and the total value of your property will be disclosed as well.